Valentine’s Day Gifts for Men and Women – Express Your Feelings

Whether you are shopping for your husband, wife, daughter, wife, or son, or commemorating Valentine’s Day with the best female friendships, there are Valentines Day gifts that perfectly sum up your relationship. Whether you are purchasing gifts for a husband, wife, son or daughter, or simply celebrating your love of Valentine’s day with female friends, the perfect gift will express your feelings and celebrate a special day with the best friends of yours. There are some amazing gifts available to make this day extra special, especially for those who can’t be together on this special day because of some personal commitments or job responsibilities.

Valentine’s Day Gifts are great ways to express how much you care about your friends, co-workers, siblings, and loved ones. No matter if your love of Valentine’s day is for a friend or a relative, you will surely find a gift to express your feeling for the one you love. Shopping for Valentines Day Gifts is very easy because of the wide variety of items available on the market. You can purchase Valentines Day Gifts for everyone and enjoy being together on this day.

Buying Valentine’s Day Gifts for women is really quite simple. If you are looking for something that can make your wife or mother feel special on this special day, then why not consider getting her a nice personalized card or a gift certificate? This way, you can show how special your wife/mother is to you by giving her something special. Some women like personalized cards and gift certificates because it shows their husbands, boyfriends, and male friends that they are worth it.

For the guys, Valentine’s Day Gifts for men are just as easy to shop for. Guys do appreciate gifts that show how much they are cherished and appreciated. A lot of ladies these days are spending a lot of time making Valentine’s gifts, and they want to make sure that they make something special for their guys. In fact, many of them are buying special jewelry and other items for their men so that they will always remember him and love him for the rest of their lives. And for the guys who have nothing to show from the inside, a personalized picture frame can say more than words.

When shopping Valentine’s Day Gifts for women, you should also look at the different options available to get them something unique and special on Valentine’s day. You don’t need to break the bank when shopping for these gifts, but you can definitely spend a bit more than usual for some nice Valentine’s gifts. If you are shopping for a girl friend or loved one, then you may want to consider buying her a personalized item that she will never forget, such as a special card with a love note from you or a personalized necklace or a set of earrings.

Valentine’s Day Gifts for women and guys can be as unique as you are. So whatever you are looking for, there is a Valentines Day Gift that will express your love for your Valentine. With so many great Valentine Day Gifts available on the market, you will be able to find something to show your girlfriend or wife your appreciation and affection. Make Valentines Day more memorable for your beloved by celebrating Valentine’s Day with a little extra zing with Valentine’s Day Gifts. The more unique gifts you can find online the better it will be for you.

Engraved Bottle Stopper

An engraved bottle stopper is a classy way to add that touch of class to any type of glass. Glass stoppers are designed to be mounted on the top of your glasses and then you can fill them with your favorite beverage. They can also be used as a garnish for your dinner plate, and it is even possible to use the stopper as a coaster for the plates. Because the stopper is so useful it is a great gift idea for just about anyone.

There are many reasons why you might want to engrave glass stoppers. Some of these reasons may include the following:

engraved bottle stoppers are a very elegant touch to any type of glass. Many people will give you a big smile when they see an engraved stopper on your glass. These glass stoppers can make a great gift for your wedding party or guests, which is something you can be sure that they will really appreciate.

engraved glass stoppers are a nice touch for anyone who likes to collect different types of things. They make a great keepsake for anyone who collects glassware, including those who collect antique pieces. A bottle stopper is an excellent way to display your collection because it can be displayed as a small decorative piece in your home.

If you need some help finding the right bottle stopper for your loved one you can look at some online websites that specialize in personalized gifts. Many of these websites have a listing of everything that you can get engraved, including personalized bottles stoppers. You can also find many other types of unique engraved gifts for you to choose from.

You can find a personalized engraved bottle stopper on almost every website on the Internet. You will be able to find some very nice options for engraved items that you can use for your next special occasion. You can even get them customized so that you will be able to put any picture or name on the stopper that you choose.

If you would like to make your gift even more personal, you can choose a company that specializes in engraving glass stoppers. They will be able to give you a wonderful variety of different options that you can choose from, as well as engraving your gift. If you are looking for something that is unique and elegant, an engraved bottle stopper may be just what you are looking for.

You may also want to consider another unique type of gift that will make a nice gift. You can choose to have a glass stopper created specifically for you and have your name or some personal message engraved on it. This will allow you to have something that can always be remembered.

These are some of the ways that you can choose the perfect gift for someone. It doesn’t matter if you are looking for a bottle stopper that is unique and elegant, or a personalized gift, you will be sure to find a gift that you will love.

Tips To Get The Right Cube

3D picture cubes have become a very popular piece of computer equipment, which has become increasingly popular due to the reduced cost of the digital images available in recent times. This is due to the fact that the cost of the digital images has fallen considerably and there now is a wide range of different sizes and types of picture cube that you can buy from online retailers. So in this article we are going to look at how you can tell if a picture cube is suitable for your use, by going through some of the features that are available and how they can help you out in your work.

3d picture cubes

So what do you need to look for in picture cubes? Well the first and most obvious feature is the size. It is important that the cube you purchase has enough space for all the digital images that you will be working on. Therefore if you are only going to work on a few pictures then you may want to consider buying a cube with a lower resolution but it will allow you to save money on storage space and power consumption

Another thing to take into account when it comes to picture cubes is that they have a very high resolution. In this way they are able to offer a much more detailed image than any of the other devices and therefore it can be useful to buy them if you want to work on a very large project. This feature however is only going to really come into its own if you are going to be working on an image of some kind.

You also need to think about the type of lighting that you are going to be using with your picture cubes. In many cases the lighting that is used in the pictures themselves will be sufficient for the cube to work correctly so there are no problems here. However in some cases the lighting is going to be required in order to get a clearer image and for this reason you will need to think about purchasing a cube with a low level of lighting.

The most important feature of the picture cube is probably its ability to create 3d illusions. If you are going to be working on a lot of images then this will be especially important so it is always worth checking this.

If the cube you are looking at does not come with a backlighting feature, it may be worthwhile looking to get one that does. The effect this can create is quite interesting. You can use this in a number of ways including the creation of some very realistic images

Finally you should check that the picture cube is easy to install. It is important that the cube can be quickly set up and that it doesn’t have to be taken apart in order to make changes. You may want to buy one that has a snap together system so that it can be set up in a matter of minutes.

As you can see there are many things to think about when it comes to buying a picture cube. You should think about what you need and the features that are available. But remember that the most important thing is that it gives you the best results possible.

If you are interested in using your picture cube for professional purposes then you will definitely want to invest in the right equipment. One of the most popular types is the Polaroid projector and this is going to be capable of giving you a much greater quality image.

It is also worth thinking about whether you need high resolution or not. If you are going to be working on a fairly simple image then you will be able to get by with a high-resolution cube but if you are going to be working on a more detailed image then you will want to look at getting a high-resolution cube

Once you have decided on what you need then it is a simple matter of shopping around for picture cubes that meet your requirements. You will soon see how much fun these little units are and how easy it is to make them.

What to Gift For Someone You Care About

The 3D crystal heart can be customized with a beautiful 3D crystal heart picture, and a unique personalized message for a very affordable price (Made by the customer and sold in the shop). Strikingly attractive, the 3d Crystal Heart will instantly stand out in almost any home. Great for a memorable gift to celebrate any special occasion.

3D Crystal Heart

Whether it is for Valentine’s Day or an anniversary, the heart will make any special occasion truly special. With a number of designs available from both local and online shops, the heart is sure to be a popular gift this year.

Most heart shaped hearts are in the shape of hearts, but some are in the shape of flowers, or animals. Some are even shaped like a star.

You can find heart-shaped picture frames, heart shaped candles, heart shaped t-shirts, and much more. For more unique items you may want to consider the heart-shaped cake topper. These heart-shaped cakes are made from fruit, candies, flowers, hearts, and other beautiful gifts. The cake topper can be purchased in many different colors and materials, including wood and even gold.

There are also heart-shaped chocolates, tins, and other edible gifts for the heart. The heart-shaped chocolate is a wonderful gift to be given during a chocolate festival, such as Valentine’s Day or Easter. They are also popular for parties and special events, and the heart-shaped t-shirt is a fun gift to wear on special days.

Heart shaped t-shirts can be used as party favors or for school projects. The heart-shaped t-shirts can be personalized by having your name and message printed on them or by sending them in a letter.

Heart shaped candles can be used as special favors at weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, parties, or as gifts for others. Customized heart shaped candles are available to suit almost any occasion and budget.

The heart is a timeless symbol of love and friendship. Its beauty, uniqueness, timeless beauty and special purpose has helped to shape and inspire a variety of people over the years. With a touch of creativity, a heart-shaped t-shirt, a picture frame, or other gift will be appreciated and treasured for many years to come.

When choosing the perfect gift for a loved one, there are several options available. While you cannot give a heart-shaped cookie cutter, you can still create a memorable and meaningful gift with a bit of imagination. A custom-heart design is the perfect choice for a loved one.

In addition to the traditional heart, other shapes of the heart can also be chosen. The heart shape can be made into hearts shaped cookies, heart shaped candles, and many other heart-shaped gifts.

Heart shaped gifts can also be purchased on a whim and shipped right to the person’s door. They can also be made at home using your own two hands, or at the store. With so many beautiful heart-shaped cookies, heart shaped candles, and other gifts to choose from online and in stores, there really is a choice to please everyone.

Heart shaped cookie dough is often given to friends or family as birthday and Christmas gifts, birthdays, or on a wedding. Heart shaped cookie dough is popular for those that wish to say thanks or send someone special a special message.

Heart shaped t-shirts and hearts are always a welcome present at the office. When purchasing a gift, consider the recipient’s favorite season, or simply consider their personality.

Heart shaped candle or flower vases are another beautiful addition to any home, garden, or patio. They can be personalized with initials, names, or dates to show gratitude. Heart shaped glass vases and bowls make a wonderful centerpiece at a party or event.

Heart shaped picture frames are perfect for displaying pictures and mementos from happy times. A custom-heart shaped picture frame is a great gift idea for birthdays, anniversaries, or birthdays.

Heart shaped candle holders that are specially made for t-shirts or other gifts can add a personal touch to your home. Personalized picture frames with special messages to share on a special event are also a great way to say thanks to friends or family. Heart shaped t-shirts are a fun way to thank those that matter the most to you.

Crystal Gifts For Women – 5 Types of Great Gifts For Women

Are you searching for some new and innovative ideas for gifts for women? If so, there is nothing better than a gift that shows your woman how much you love her. Whether they appreciate crystals for the beauty they bring, health benefits, or just to enhance their energy, women in your life will definitely appreciate these unique crystal gift ideas. Here are just some of the many crystal gift ideas for women that you may consider.

crystal gift

One of the first gift ideas for women that may be very popular is the amethyst geodesic cave. These amethyst cave is very beautiful, and they’re just breathtaking to look at. These caves have been used by many cultures from the beginning of time, so the amethyst geodesic cave is definitely something that will be enjoyed for many years to come

The next option is to give your girl a crystal flower bouquet. There are many different types of flowers that can be arranged into a bouquet, but the amethyst is definitely one of the most popular. If you want to get your girl the most unique gift for a special occasion, this is one of the best options out there. The bouquet can consist of many different amethysts; some have different designs but are all beautiful and unique to the eye.

If you want something a little more personal to give a woman, then you may want to give her stone jewelry. These stones are available in a variety of colors, so it’s possible to find a set of these stones that matches her skin tone perfectly. Jewelry like these are usually more expensive than other types of jewelry, but they are also more durable and can withstand many years of wear. You can find some great jewelry that’s also made of glass, but the quality of the stones may not be as high

There are also different types of chandelier which can add a beautiful touch to any room. Whether you go with an antique crystal chandelier or a modern type that you can mount on your wall, these pieces can create an elegant focal point in the room. You can even put them in a place where they can light up all of the room.

Crystal balls are another great idea that is both affordable and beautiful. This particular gift will surely make a woman feel special because it shows how much you care for her.

The best part about these crystal balls is that you can use them in many ways. For example, you can hang one or more balls on the end of a fishing line and cast it into the water. This will help to give your girl the feeling of being underwater and being able to catch fish.

Finally, a crystal globe can make a very unique gift because the beauty and sparkle that this item offers can really brighten up any space. It will allow you to show off your girl’s world.

It’s always a good idea to get someone together for a special occasion. In order to do that, you can give your lady some crystal gifts to show her how much you love her. These gifts are perfect for any occasion.

A crystal watch is another great gift that will allow her to remember you every time she takes it off. Some of the best crystal jewelry is the one that comes in a watch form

One gift that is often given as a thank you is something like a necklace. This can also make a lovely necklace to wear on a special occasion or simply hanging on your office desk at home.

Crystal jewelry is a wonderful way to show your feelings without ever saying anything. When you give someone a gift like this, you are showing your gratitude without even saying a word.

The Benefits Of Using A Crystal Prestige Machine

The latest technology of the 3D Crystal Prestige system allows the user to use both conventional and non-conventional materials. This makes it a versatile option for all types of industries and makes the system a good choice for use in many different applications. In addition to providing versatility and ease of use, this revolutionary method of working can also save a lot of time and money, in terms of lost productivity and business costs.

3D Crystal Prestige

The main advantages of using the Crystal Prestige system are the ability to use both conventional and non-conventional materials in a production process. The traditional material that is used in many industries is steel, which has a very limited lifespan. Also, the cost of production can be very high due to the amount of energy needed to treat and cool the steel. Another problem is the fact that a large number of small items must be produced in order to create a larger item. With the help of the Prestige system, the production time can be reduced greatly, and there is no need for any large amounts of material to be produced.

The other advantage of the Crystal Prestige is that it is very easy to use, especially for users who do not have much experience in designing the machinery. All they need to do is load the machine and place the material into the rotating drum, and they will automatically adjust the speed, the force and the type of rotation.

In addition to saving energy and making the production process more efficient, the machine can also save time. Traditional machines may take several hours to design, make and assemble. Also, the material that is used to make the equipment is usually expensive and can cost several thousand dollars to purchase. Furthermore, since the equipment is so large and bulky, it can often cause problems with space usage.

In the production process, the device will create a blueprint on the computer and print it out. Once the blueprint has been printed, it is then passed on to the user for printing into a material that is suitable for the required material. If the material does not need to be treated, the user simply needs to remove the template, clean the drum, and add the required material.

The system can also cut back on the product’s life expectancy by up to 80 percent. With a reduced amount of material required, the quality of the finished product can be improved. Since the machinery is now easier to operate, fewer workers are required, and overall, there is less waste.

By reducing the time needed to design, create and produce products, the system can also decrease the cost of the product’s life, as well as the number of workers who will have to create the same product. This saves money for both the manufacturer and the customer. In many cases, this can even mean a reduction in the manufacturer’s overhead expenses.

Finally, the Crystal Prestige also reduces waste, especially when it comes to handling chemicals. Many chemicals such as acid, salt and other hazardous materials can be harmful when improperly handled. The machine is programmed to automatically shut off the flow of the chemical once it has reached a certain level. By doing so, any waste can be handled more efficiently, and a significant amount of the chemical can be saved.

In summary, the Crystal Prestige is an excellent method for producing high quality, high-impact products with minimum effort. The fact that the design can be changed to meet any customer’s needs means that the company can offer customized options and services to customers who want to create unique products.

The Crystal Prestige is also an ideal system to use in the event that the business does not currently have an adequate supply of material or a high demand for it. It can be used to make all sorts of products in different shapes and sizes, depending on what a customer wants to make.

While many people have found the cost of a traditional machine to be prohibitive, the Crystal Prestige can offer the same features for a much lower price. Since there are no ongoing costs associated with operating it, the system can offer great value to businesses who may find the expense of running such a machine to be unnecessary.

What is There to Know About Crystal Photo Cubes?

Some of our most cherished moments are so sweet that we simply cannot be forgotten. Whether it is a milestone birthday, graduation, anniversary, or another important milestone, a crystal photo cube creates a beautiful heirloom present.

crystal photo

Your completed piece is created to last forever: a memento that you can pass on to future generations. You can take your photo and customize it with beads, stones, gemstones, wood, or any other object you think will enhance its beauty. There is an endless variety of possibilities for a photo with a crystal finish.

These beautiful decorative objects are created from durable, clear, and glass-like material. They come in several sizes and styles, and they are available in any color imaginable. This is because the basic idea is to create a beautiful object that can be enjoyed for years. No matter what the occasion, there is a piece of crystal photo that will fit the occasion and be able to be proudly displayed

The size of the photo depends upon many factors. For example, if you have small children, you will want a smaller photo. A large photo with bright colors will only take up space in a kid’s room. If you have large pictures of your pets, then you will want a larger photo so the pet can be placed inside the photo.

Crystal photo cubes can be found in different materials. Some are made from wood and others are made of crystal. Each material has its own unique look and feel, which is why there are so many options for a photo with a crystal finish. Wood is often used for photos with a crystal finish because of its elegance and a traditional look.

Many people prefer wood cubes because they can be cleaned easily with a cloth. If you choose to buy a wooden cube, it is important to make sure that the wood is properly seasoned before you use it as a photo.

Crystal photos are very popular because of their unique appearance and their ability to remain appealing for a long time. Some photo cubes are created from crystal with an even coat of varnish. or wax. These types of crystals can remain appealing for a long time because they are so hardy.

If you find that you need to decorate your photo cubes often, then you may want to consider buying them in kits. They come with all the materials you need to create your very own unique photo. This type of kit can also be a great gift for birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, or any other occasion.

There are many ways that photo cubes can be used as decorations. For example, you can use it to cover a plain surface so that it will look like a photo frame. You can use a photo cube to highlight a special piece of artwork. Or you can use one as part of an interesting piece of sculpture, such as a table centerpiece

Crystal photo cubes are a fun way to display your family photographs and mementos. Most people love to see pictures of their children and grandchildren in front of the camera, but they do not want the picture to be the focal point of the room. The crystal photo cubes are designed to make a nice frame around the photo, making the entire photo stand out. It can give the family the opportunity to have a unique photo with a beautiful frame around it.

Another way to use photo cubes is to create a centerpiece. You can use them as centerpieces or to accent a piece of art on the floor and use them as part of a beautiful painting.

There are some companies that offer photo cubes that are handcrafted. or come with their own charms. These photo cubes are very decorative and unique. You can have fun creating your own photo with these unique and handcrafted crystal photo cubes.

There is no reason to spend your money on expensive photo frames when you can use photo cubes for photo displays. You can create a lovely photo frame around any photograph, using the same beautiful finish as the photo cubes and enjoy it for years to come. If you do decide to purchase crystal photo cubes, you can decorate them as a photo frame, centerpiece, or as a sculpture

Make a Difference in Someone’s Life With 3D Laser Presents

A lot of people are getting into the 3d laser technology. They don’t usually use it in their regular photography, but there are some really cool and creative things that you can do with the latest technology that everyone can enjoy. Some of the newest 3d laser gifts are even being used for commercial applications. You won’t be disappointed when you see how much fun these laser gifts are for everyone.

3d laser gifts

The creators at 3d Laser Gifts are not magicians, they don’t have magic tricks, but what they do have is a very creative idea: turning 2D pictures into 3d keepsakes. With a laser cutting machine, they etch images onto the surface of delicate crystals, making the image into something a little more than an object. This means that you can get more than just a picture into a gift basket. The laser cuts a line between the two photos or you can actually engrave it with your own message. They also make gift baskets that will include a bottle of wine, cheese, and other small gifts.

Laser printers are great because they print out a high quality product with a lot of detail. If you look closely at a piece of art or a picture, you will notice the flaws and imperfections that are unique to every individual. These printers can replicate that exact look without having to use any special paints or glitters. Instead, what you are creating is the same quality look that you would get if you printed the picture out on paper.

3d laser gifts are a great way to give someone a gift that they will cherish for many years to come. These gifts are available for almost any occasion. The best part about them is that they are great for both men and women, and they are great gifts for a baby shower or any other event that would love a gift like this. You could easily give a special gift to an aspiring musician or an artist in need of help.

One of the great benefits to these gifts is that you can customize the photo that you print out so that it fits perfectly with the gift. Since the pictures are done with lasers, you are able to give the person a high quality gift that shows their talent beautifully. In other words, you are giving the gift without going overboard and spending too much money.

You can find great gifts for both women and men, and since the pictures are done with lasers, you can customize the gifts so that you can create the best personalized gift. For example, you can create a gift basket that includes a bottle of wine or an embroidered bathrobe. The choices are only limited by your imagination and the creativity that you have for the gifts.

You can also have these gifts customized so that you can add any logo or name onto them to make a unique and great gift. This can be a great way to surprise someone. If they have a loved one, the gift will be cherished for many years to come, and if they are an avid collector, the gifts will be a keepsake that they will treasure. It’s a gift that will always remind them of the person that you gave it to.

The prices for these gifts are very affordable. There are a number of different retailers out there who offer great deals on these gift ideas. Just remember to check them out thoroughly before you buy, especially if you want something that will be durable and stylish. Since you want the gift to last a long time, you might consider buying these gifts from a trusted online retailer.

What Are Some of the Great Gifts That You Can Get For Your Printer?

The advent of 3D printers has made life easier for many people, and as the popularity of printing technology increases, the need for 3D Laser Gifts is growing as well. This means that while you are looking for ways to find gifts for your best friend or for yourself, you may also be able to find a few things for your printer

3 d laser gifts

One of the most popular gift ideas for your printer is the use of a scanner. These scanners can easily print pictures, or even photos of you and your family, and the results will not only be great, but they can also be of great help to the person that you are giving it to. You can choose to print something from a database of images that you like, or you can choose a picture you have taken and colorize it with the printer

One other great gift that your printer can receive is something that can print pictures onto a CD. If you have a photo of you or someone special in your life, and you are looking for a way to share that picture with that special person, the CD is a great way to get just the thing that you need. There are many types of CD’s that you can purchase, and many of them can be personalized, so that you can include a message on each one.

As you can see, there are many different options that you have for gifts for your printer. You do not have to spend a lot of money to show your printer how much you care. When you choose the right gift, it can often be the best gift you can buy

As you know, this is the day when many of us give gifts to our friends and family members, especially on Valentine’s Day. So as you look through the various gifts that you can purchase for your printer, make sure that you are choosing something that will be appreciated, and one that can also be useful to your printer.

Remember that in addition to helping you find the gifts that you need, the gifts also say a lot about you and your printer. So make sure that you choose a gift that will also be useful to the person that it is being given to, and you will be able to tell them that they are appreciated by you.

How to Create 3D Pictures

3D photos are a great way to add fun, creativity to your photographs. They can also be a great way to make a little extra money! Follow these easy steps and get the creative juices flowing for your next photo shoot.

3d pictures

Use Photoshop to cut each piece of the picture out and then stick them together with clear tape using foam adhesive so that they have more depth. Photoshop is also good for turning ordinary photos into 3d images-just simply put on your 3d glasses and bring the image to life! I love this technique and use it often when taking 3d pictures for my clients.

Start with the computer running Windows XP or Windows Vista. If your computer isn’t up to date it will take longer to process the pictures. Next you will need to install the software that comes with Photoshop. The software is easy to use and very simple to understand. Once the software is installed, you should click on the “start” button to begin.

Once Photoshop has been loaded the first thing that you should do is to click on the picture to bring up the layers. Now click on the layer’s button in order to make the picture change from one color to another. This is important so that you can adjust the colors so that it looks exactly as you want it to. When you click on the layer you should also move it from the center to the edges of the picture. Move it right to left for the best effect!

Next you will want to create the background of the picture. You should use the picture as is or as a rough sketch for the background. Now you can erase all of the unwanted objects that are blocking the background from the picture. Next you will want to create the image and place it as flat as possible. Now you can take the top layer from the image. I usually start with the top third of the image and work my way down.

Now I will repeat the process again until there is no more background left. After this you will want to add the new background image. In Photoshop just click on the background picture and then you are ready for your photo shoot! After you have finished your shoot click “save”. You will then be able to view the completed photo shoot from your photostream. or your MySpace page.

If your computer is running Windows Vista or later you will need to download and install Photoshop to run the software. The process is the same, just run the program.

If your computer doesn’t have a working version of Photoshop, there is an online program called Photoshop Lightroom that you can use to create your photos using the program. It is a free program.

Most of these sites also have video tutorials that show how to use the software to give you an idea about how to create your pictures. Now you can print out your own photographs without ever leaving your home. Once you get started with photo shoots you will realize that you can spend hours doing it and not have to pay a single dollar.

There are several online companies that are ready to take your finished photos and print them out to get you started. Some of these companies will print only the photo that you choose and not all of them.

Once you have chosen some companies to print your pictures to, you should go to the website and upload the pictures that you have taken and have sent to the companies. Once the pictures are printed, you will have them sent directly to your customer service where you can look through them to see if you like what you see.

If you want printable photos of your photos you can print them out and send them back. They can be sent to your home, or you can have them shipped.