Engraved Photo Crystal Keepsakes

Crystal Keychain – As Promotional Gifts. Never go to any trade show or large sales presentation without an impressive box of custom-designed crystal keychains. Individuals love gifts and business folks are no different. What better way to attract a crowd and get prospects closer to signing that contract than to present them with a beautifully handcrafted crystal keychain with your name, website, and company phone number on it? Your gift is a real, tangible sales and marketing tool.

You have several options for a crystal keychain, depending on your purpose and the look you are trying to achieve. The first option is a simple, metal chain. This is great for presenting at events or shows because you can get a little creative with it. However, because of its plain look, many people will prefer a more personalized design, such as a photo crystal keychain. These are typically made with a photo of the person on the metal chain, usually taken in black and white or sepia color, making them unique.

Another option would be to purchase an engravable crystal photo. These types of gifts can be made from various materials, including gold, silver, glass, and more. They are typically engraved with a special message or name. Another option would be to have a personalized picture put onto a normal-sized metal chain. Many people prefer these types of gifts because the photo can be placed anywhere, not just on a keyring. This way, you can present your crystal photo wherever you need to, giving your gift flexibility and a more personal touch.

Many people would rather purchase a personalized crystal keychain that is large instead of small, so they can wear it where it fits best. There are a couple of options when shopping for a larger size, one is to have a personalized metal chain made in the same shape and size as the necklace or other jewelry you wish to give. If this is not possible, then you might consider getting a personalized photo onto a normal size chain and then having the photo added on after. The other option would be to have a normal size crystal keychain and then use an optical laser crystal to engrave the photo into it, making it much more unique.

Many people like to purchase keepsakes such as wine stoppers or pocket watches with a custom photo engraved crystal gift. These types of gifts make great wedding gifts, anniversary gifts, birthday gifts, or any other occasion you might want to commemorate. For example, a corporate employee can give a customized crystal photo framed photo to his or her boss with the company’s logo or slogan on it. Other than a photo, you could also choose other items such as mugs, key chains, magnets, pens, paperweights, and etc.

When shopping for your customized keepsakes, keep in mind that there are several options available to you. Consider buying a pre-designed or personalized item, choose the style (stainless steel, sterling silver, gold, crystal, etc), and add your personal touch by adding a special message or text. Personalized items cost a little more, but they will be worth the price if they last a lifetime and can be passed down through the generations. There are lots of great choices when it comes to engraved photo crystal keepsakes, so go online to a good website and find the perfect crystal keychain or another item for your loved ones today!